They're Back!

The UK's most successful swing group!


PRICE: £18 Ticket + £40 Festive Menu PP | Thu 14th December

BOOKING: 12:30pm | SHOWTIME: 2:30pm


PRICE: £18 Ticket + £45 Festive Menu PP | Thu 14th December

BOOKING: 6:30pm | SHOWTIME: 8:30pm

Imagine taking the style of the Rat Pack, the grace of Frank Sinatra and the panache of Michael Bublé and combining it with the raw chemistry, class and swagger of this unrivalled group.

Jack Pack first took to the stage in front of the Briton’s Got Talent judges and performed their version of the swing classic ’Thats Life,’ which lead to a place in the semi-finals.  This afternoon you can be the judge as we bring you this spectacular showtime from the kings of swing!

*There is a music charge of £18 per person to attend Bibis Showtime. This is taken at the time of booking to confirm your booking and is non-refundable. This does not include any food or drink and is not deducted from the bill on the day. All food and drink is to be ordered from the Festive Menu. The cost of all food and drinks is settled at the restaurant on the day of your booking

The Festive Menu is a set three course meal.