Swing into the weekend Fridays

A little Friday Night Party never killed nobody!

PRICE: £5 + Festive Menu £45 PP | Fri 8th December | BOOKING: 7:30pm | SHOWTIME: 7:30pm

Grab a cocktail 'old sport' and let’s party like Gatsby! 

Join us for an extraordinary experience as we transport you back in time during our festive Fridays in December.
From 7.30pm the talented DJ Dan Burridge will spin a sensational mix of Al Green to Jocelyn Brown whilst you indulge in our expertly crafted cocktails in our stylish cocktail bar.
From 8pm, immerse yourself in vintage vibes of live music whilst dining on our festive menu. Elara will be performing swing style covers of some of the biggest hits.

And that’s not all, after dinner we invite you to take centre stage on Bibis’ renowned dance floor and groove to the Motown classics accompanied by a mesmerizing live saxophonist!