All the hits you love!


PRICE: £20 TICKETS + A LA CARTE PP | Sat 28th December

BOOKING: 12:30pm | SHOWTIME: 2:30pm


PRICE: £20 TICKET + DECEMBER A LA CARTE PP | Sat 28th December

BOOKING: 6:30pm | SHOWTIME: 8:30pm

Performing all the hits. ABBA Revival will take you on a dynamic wild ride back to the party decade where ABBA ruled the dance floor! 

The dancefloors are open and we can't wait to see you there, dancing queen! 

*There is a music charge of £20 per person to attend Bibis Showtime. This is taken at the time of booking to confirm your booking and is non-refundable. This does not include any food or drink and is not deducted from the bill on the day. All food and drink is to be ordered from the December A la Carte menu. The cost of all food and drinks is settled at the restaurant on the day of your booking