Pizza Making Parties



Bibis children's pizza making classes are the perfect entertainment for your bambino’s next party!

The parties last between 70 – 90 minutes depending on the party size.

The ‘pizzaiolo’ chef will demonstrate how the pizza dough is made. The children will then each be given a pizza base with a selection of toppings so they can create their own pizza with the help of the ‘pizzaiolos’.  The pizzas are then placed in the pizza oven and whilst they are cooking the children will have a demonstration of how to make their own dessert.

When the pizza is ready the children sit down to enjoy both courses. Unlimited squash is included.

The cost is £10.95 per child I  Available to book Tues-Fri 12–6pm and Sat 12-2pm  I  Minimum party size 8 children 

Booking is essential.

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